The scale of the year increased by 29 billion 500 ETF South into the largest equity ETF

The scale of the year increased by 29 billion 500 ETF South into the largest equity ETF

With the strength of the index again, the ETF circuit is once again favored by various funds.

The CSI 500 Index has increased by as much as 5 in only 8 trading days since 2020.

54%, a gradual increase of 13.1 since December 2019

58%, and the South China Securities 500 ETF tracking the index (code: 510500, joining the fund’s class A 160119 C class 004348) received a large net net purchase of funds!

After-hours data from the Shanghai Stock Exchange showed that until January 13, the latest share of the China Securities 500 ETF was 787,026.

720,000 copies, with the latest unit net worth 6.

Accounting for 0237 yuan, the latest size of the South China Securities 500 ETF was 47.4 billion U.S. dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 2.9 billion U.S. dollars, and it became the largest equity ETF in the market.

In addition, the 500 information belonging to the South Fund (code: 512330, Linked Fund A, 002900, C, 004347), real estate ETF (code: 512200) and non-ferrous ETF (code: 512400) are also highly sought after by funds.

  From the after-hours data, in the last five trading days, the China Securities 500 ETF has received a lot of attention from various sources of funds, and the fund ‘s cumulative net increase has been 1 billion yuan.

Trading was active during the session, with trading volume exceeding 1.2 billion for six consecutive trading days, showing excellent liquidity.

In terms of indexes, the CSI 500 Index will gradually increase by 5 in the first 8 trading days of 2020.

71%, outstanding performance in the main broad-based index, showing that as a representative of the growth of the new economy, the relevant components covered by the CSI 500 Index have once again become the strategic focus of multi-party funding.

  From the perspective of industry attributes, the CSI 500 Index mainly focuses on emerging industries, comprehensively reflecting the stock price performance of mid-cap companies in the Chinese A-share market. Nearly half of the CSI 500 constituents are private enterprises, and the constituent stocks mainly cover medical biology, computers,Electronics and computer industries are mostly new economy industries.

The industry is well-distributed, with a wide coverage, and the stocks are all less than 1%, which can help avoid the “black swan” incident.

  South China Securities 500ETF is the largest CSI 500ETF product in the market in terms of size and activity.

  Some people have pointed out that liquidity is the lifeblood of ETF products,夜来香体验网 and the CSI 500 ETF with market advantages has the highest liquidity and trading activity.

In essence, he also pointed out that Southern Fund has been at the forefront in improving the convenience and liquidity of ETF transactions.

Taking the data in 2019 as an example, the average daily turnover of China Southern Securities 500ETF exceeded 1.3 billion yuan, and the accumulated turnover exceeded 320 billion yuan, with the turnover exceeding 75%.

  It is worth mentioning that in addition to the 500 ETF, the size of other ETFs under the Southern Fund has also grown rapidly. The scale of the 500 information, real estate ETF and non-ferrous ETFs continues to grow at the same time.

As of the close of January 13, benefiting from the CSI 500 Information Index’s 10% increase during the year, the Southern 500 Information Scale climbed to 9.

US $ 0.6 billion, while the real estate ETF (fund code: 512200) has an annual internal distribution increase of nearly 20%, with a scale of 2.

1.5 billion US dollars, non-ferrous ETF (fund code: 512400) annual increase in internal distribution over 30%, the scale climbed to 6.

2.2 billion.