Tongue exercises help protect liver and gallbladder


Tongue exercises help protect liver and gallbladder

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the tongue surface is divided into four regions, which correspond to the five internal organs and six internal organs.

That is: the tip of the tongue belongs to the heart, the lungs, the middle of the tongue belongs to the spleen, the stomach, the root of the tongue belongs to the kidney, and the two sides of the tongue belong to the liver and gall.

The tongue is a mirror reflecting the condition of the internal organs.

The ancients named the monograph on tongue diagnosis as “Golden Mirror Records” and “Tong Jian”.

  Health revelation: Because the tongue nerve starts from the brain and connects with the tongue, the tongue moves, and the nerves that naturally promote the tongue movement also move together.

Regular exercise of the tongue can strengthen the functions of various parts of the internal organs, help digestion and absorption of food, strengthen the body, and delay aging.

Now introduce a kind of tongue exercises for readers’ reference.

  The specific method of tongue exercises: 1. After washing each morning, do the mirror, the tip of the tongue and the indentation 10 times each, and then swing the tongue 5 times to the left and right outside the mouth.

  2. Sit on a chair with your fingers spread out, place them on top, and lean your upper body slightly forward.

First, inhale through the nostrils, then open your mouth wide, exhale with your tongue in harmony, open your big eyes at the same time, look straight ahead, and repeatedly practice 3?
5 times.

  3, mouth opened, tongue slowly exposed, stay for 2 to 3 seconds, repeatedly drill 5 times.

Then head up, chin gradually, mouth wide open, symbolizing tongue, stay 2?
Repeat the exercise for 5 seconds.