How to treat sudden kindness

How to treat sudden kindness

How would you treat sudden goodwill?

Treating sudden goodwill can test your social situation ^ _ ^ The test begins: Suddenly, an unfamiliar person pleases you in every possible way, you will:

Do n’t refuse, but be wary of heart, the other party must have plans.


Communicate with each other normally.


I think I am famous and happy.


Reject immediately, without giving the other party a chance.

  Test results: Option 1: You are a very wary person, especially for strangers, your self-defense system will be turned on automatically.

Because you have such a cautious attitude, your relationships are usually good, and even if there are enemies to plot against you, it is not easy.

In addition, you also have a very stable personality, even if you know the other party’s intentions, you will not speak up.

This is a very familiar approach, so you will not easily offend people.

  Option 2: You are a strong self-aware person.

Because all you think about is yourself, you can easily be caught by others. As long as the other person is attentive to you, you can easily shield your expectations of yourself and think that you are really welcome. YouYour heart will open to each other.

Next, if someone cares about how to use you, you will obediently listen to others.

  Option 3: You are interacting with the other party with a normal mind. This mentality is less stressful and you can express yourself frankly, so there will not be any defense awareness in your heart to isolate the other party.

If the other party really has a picture, I believe that it will automatically dispel thoughts, because you will not be easily affected by the other party, used by the other party, that kind of help him spread some bad words, or help him influence some people’s ideas.

Therefore, your mentality should not be easy to make enemies.

  Option 4: Your self-defense system may be overreacting, so you will reject it and not give the other party a chance.

This approach will affect your interpersonal relationship to a certain extent. If the other person is sincerely wanting to be your friend, then you will be thousands of miles away.

You are on alert at all times, so that’s why you get this overwhelming reaction.

It’s best to open your mind space a little bit, otherwise your interpersonal relationship will be trapped in a closed state, which will hurt your mental health consequences!