Bacterial vaginitis diet guide

Bacterial vaginitis diet guide

Bacterial vaginitis is extremely difficult to cure, which is closely related to daily health care work. Therefore, the dietary conditioning work of bacterial vaginitis should be corrected. What are the dietary precautions for bacterial vaginitis?

Is there any good diet recommendation?

Below we know the bacterial vaginitis diet conditioning health.

Bacterial vaginitis diet guide one, bacterial vaginitis diet notes 1, avoid spicy food: spicy food (pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, etc.) more food is easy to produce heat, so that visceral heat poisoning, gingival swelling and painThe mouth is sore, the urine is short red, the anus is burning, and the symptoms are itchy and itchy, which makes the symptoms worse.

2, avoid seafood hair: 腥膻 products, such as dried fish, yellow croaker, octopus, black fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products can help damp heat, can make the genital itching worse after eating, is not conducive to the decline of inflammation, it should not eat.

3, avoid sweet food: greasy food such as lard, fat pork, butter, butter, sheep oil, etc., high sugar foods such as chocolate, candy, dessert, cream cake, etc., these foods help the role of heat and heat,Will increase the secretion of vaginal discharge and affect the therapeutic effect.

4, avoid alcohol and tobacco: smoking can make bacterial vaginitis worse, this is because the nicotine in tobacco replaces the combination of arterial blood and oxygen weakened, wine can promote damp heat, so it is feasible to taboo, the same, wine-containing diet, such as wine brewing,Medicine and wine should not be added.

5, pay attention to diet nutrition: should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to keep the stool smooth; should drink more water; prevent urethra infection.

Second, recommend bacterial vaginitis recipe 1, white fruit kernels production: white nuts 1 a powder, 1 egg to make a small hole, the white nuts into the eggs, wet hemp paper seal steamed, shelled.

Take 1 each time, serve in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, and even take 1 week.

According to the language: Fuzheng qi, 涩 fine stop band, the main rushing is not solid, the sin of the sin.

2, kapok porridge production: add 30 grams of kapok with water, boil the slag to juice, add 500 grams of rice porridge, porridge into a meal, once a day, each treatment and even served 7 days.

According to the words: heat and dampness, attending bacterial vaginitis, see leucorrhea and yellow odor.