It is best for the elderly to eat two meals a day.

It is best for the elderly to eat two meals a day.

The spleen and stomach of the elderly become weaker. At this time, the diet should be softer, less, warmer, especially if you can’t eat too much at night, otherwise it will cause heart disease.

The best way is to eat two meals a day to help the food.

  Many lesbians have told me that we are unlucky. We have been in a circle for seven years and we are getting old.

At this time, I told them that nature is fair. After these 7 and 8 have passed, we have a look. Lesbians and lesbians meet again at the age of 56. One is seven eight fifty-six, one is eight seven.Fifty-six, after the age of 56, people began to gradually enter the old age.

The lesbians have passed the age of 56. One is more than one spirit. The old ladies are all old ladies, and the old gentlemen are all going home after the age of 50 or 60. Not only China, but also foreign countries.

That is to say, the whole life of lesbians is a process from yin to yang, and gay men are a process of turning from yang to yin.

When he was young, gay men were mainly yang. After he was 56 years old, his yang was getting weaker and weaker, and his yin became heavier, so he was willing to stay at home and he was unwilling to go out and bend. This isThe process of life.

  When we understand the process of this life, we can know that Chinese medicine research has doubled a problem of healing and even studied the whole process of your life.

After entering the old age, our diet should pay special attention to it, why?

We can see many such phenomena in the clinic. On Saturday and Sunday, when the oldest is the busiest time, the children are back, and the son is a daughter-in-law and a grandson.Everyone eats, children don’t matter, young people don’t care, children are filial, saying that you make a lot of meals for your parents, you can eat some, and after all, after eating, it will be called 120 at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night.

  Why is this happening?

The reason is very simple, because the elderly’s spleen and stomach function is weaker, their spleen and stomach function is weak, and at night, they can’t pass the natural yang, he eats a lot of things, and can’t transfer.

Chinese medicine says that the spleen and stomach belong to the soil, and the heart is a fire. In the five elements, the soil is burning, and the relationship between the heart and the spleen and stomach is like the relationship between the mother and the son. If the son bears a heavy burden, it is necessary to borrow strength from the mother. This is called “children’s motherhood”.”The heart jumped up, and the heart attack was made. We see this phenomenon very much.”

  Therefore, the elderly must maintain the habits of the elderly, as we said before, the elderly are best to eat two meals, more than nine o’clock in the morning, more than three o’clock in the afternoon, so the incidence of the elderly will beVery low, on the contrary, you have to follow the young people to eat, in the morning to deal with the rest, eat left at noon, eat well at night, the incidence of cardiac metabolic diseases is high.

  The elderly should eat softer, less, warmer, and slowly chew in the process of eating, because the digestive ability of the elderly is weak, and the saliva is the best after the food is fully chewed in the mouth.Digestive enzymes, when the elderly can no longer gorge.