Wine has advantages and disadvantages

Wine has advantages and disadvantages

Market Discussion: Why does the foreign wines lose to the Chinese wines? Is the wine’s nutritional value and the health care effect of the sweet wines good or bad?

In recent years, wines, especially those with red wines, have increased.

  These people only noticed the new idea put forward by the World Health Organization – “a small amount of red wine can prevent atherosclerosis”, while ignoring the World Health Organization’s solemn statement – “a small amount of drinking is good for health”, there is no scientific basis, alcohol isSecond only to tobacco, the second killer, the less alcohol, the better.

Although the wine is somewhat obese to the human body (red wine contains resveratrol, it can lower the low-density lipoprotein content in the blood which is easy to cause arteriosclerosis, prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis, inhibit the cohesiveness of platelets, and prevent thrombosis), butAfter all, it is an alcoholic beverage, and the harm is not small: 1.

It can cause cirrhosis (overdrinking, for a long time, the initial appearance of unfortunate liver, followed by alcoholic cirrhosis.

If there is ascites, vomiting, blood in the stool and other advanced cirrhosis, it can also be life-threatening;

Can induce carcinogens (alcohol stimulates the activation of carcinogens, which may cause digestion (digestive food), cancer of the respiratory tract;

Affects nutrient absorption (if drinking too much or too long, it can cause poor absorption of the perfusion tract, affecting folic acid, vitamin B absorption and vitamins, or secretion of metabolic disorders, affecting the digestion and absorption of adults, proteins, and sugar.

  Nowadays, many people have used Chinese herbal medicines in wine to make long-term medicinal liquors. They think that this can have a health effect on body organs.

The privilege, whether it is red wine or medicinal liquor, is essentially wine, not medicine. If it is taken in excess, it will cause harm to the body.

Experts remind everyone: people who have no drinking habits, it is best to keep the wine drunk; those who love to drink, it is best to control the amount of alcohol, to drink 2-3 cups of wine per day is appropriate, drink slowly must be used,And you have to eat and eat.