There are many benefits to using radish

There are many benefits to using radish

Radish is used as a medicinal place. Many people say that radish ginseng in October, ginger in winter and radish in summer, ginger, doctors do not prescribe medicine.

Radish is a cruciferous herb, which is mildly cold, has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, invigorating the stomach and digesting food, resolving phlegm and coughing, smoothing the qi, facilitating urination, replenishing and quenching thirst, and replenishing Zhongan organs.

The content of vitamin C in radish is more than that of ordinary fruits, and it contains vitamins A and B as well as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Radish also contains many saccharifying enzymes that can help digestion; mustard oil that promotes insulin peristalsis and increases appetite; can increase the viability of macrophages, engulf nucleic acids, and cause carcinogenic nitrous acid to decompose lignin.

In addition, it also contains glucose, oxidase adenin, gasified mucin, tissue amino acids, choline and so on.

Therefore, it inhibits streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, and colon cancer.

People often use it to treat various diseases.

Treat tonsillitis inflammation radish juice 100ml (made with fresh radish), mix thoroughly and serve with warm water, two to three times a day.


For high blood pressure, 300 ml radish juice, mix thoroughly with warm water, 100 ml each time, three times a day.

Drinking with sugarcane, pear and coriander juice is more effective.


For stomachache, drink 100 ml of raw white radish juice every morning, during and after dinner.


For scalds, take 100 grams of raw radish, pound the juice, and apply the water to the affected area three times a day.


For frostbite white radish slices, bake and rub the affected area.

But frostbite ulceration should not be used.


For high blood pressure and dizziness, take 150 ml of radish juice, add 50 grams of brown sugar and mix thoroughly, twice daily, 100 ml each time.

Diabetics should not take it.


For migraine, mash fresh radish to get juice, add borneol to mix and drip the nose, the right head drops the right nostril, and the right head drops the left nostril.


After curing cough and phlegm cream, radish in appropriate amount, mashed and squeezed juice, add some rock sugar, warmed after stewing, twice a day, 60 ml each time.


For sore throat, 300 grams of radish, 10 green fruits, decoction for tea, several times a day.


For smoking addiction, mash the radish and juice, add an appropriate amount of sugar and mix thoroughly. Take 50ml in the morning to control the onset of addiction.


Treatment of dysentery Every day, eat 60 grams of raw radish early, middle and late, the disease can be cured in a few days.