Circumventing the top ten misunderstandings in life

Circumventing the top ten misunderstandings in life

A Hong Kong survey found that 84% of dieters rebounded after losing weight.

The first priority for weight loss is due to too many weight loss misunderstandings in life.

What are the common weight loss mistakes in life, what should we face?

  Wrong area 1: Extreme techniques correspond to binge eating – after eating a small amount of food, it produces a serious sense of guilt, so it is compensated by means of vomiting, laxatives, excessive exercise.

  After eating a lot, extreme methods such as vomiting, catharsis and excessive exercise can cause great damage to the physiology, which can cause swelling of the parotid gland, constipation, muscle strain, and loss of control of the diet.

“Extremely destroying the disabled” in the next two or three days to eat normally, eat more things as a substitute; tell yourself that eating more than one day will not bring much weight, even if you give yourself a day off, continue to work hard!

  Myth 2: Total rejection of staple sugar is the main source of energy for human life.

One of the most common forms is starch.

Excessive consumption of sugar will increase weight, but the lack of sugar in the diet can cause malnutrition, low blood sugar and even damage to the brain and liver.

We should take proper intake of sugar, especially complicated and complex, and some miscellaneous grains have great potential for weight loss and good health.

  Myth #3: Once you are unhappy, nervous, worried about the state, you will especially want to eat, and it is difficult to control.

  You may have a tendency to eat emotionally. It is recommended that you manage your emotions reasonably. Don’t use food as a comfort or reward, promote interpersonal communication, and cultivate a variety of hobbies.

Look for the following information: 1.

Under what circumstances is it easy to get out of control?

Party, colleague, family?


Under what circumstances is it easy to get out of control?

Work stress, relationship pressure?

Avoid the corresponding induced events as much as possible.

Also, don’t run to food immediately after an incident, or use other methods to improve your mood.

  Myth 4: Food worries – I worry about getting fat no matter what I eat.

  This is due to the lack of understanding of their nutritional needs and the value of food conversion.

Solution: Buy a table of food ingredients, or check the conversion of food on the Internet to understand the conversion of the food you like.

Then add and delete the food you can eat according to your own preferences.

Know yourself and know each other, never fight!

  Myth 5: When I go online, will I eat at work and watching TV?

  This is called subconscious eating. When you watch TV, your attention is not on the food you eat. There is no control over how much you eat.

If you eat subconsciously when eating something high in energy, sometimes snacks, candy, potato chips, melon seeds, etc., there will be a lot of calories you eat.

Solution: 1.

Turn subconsciousness into conscious, and never eat anything except at a certain time and place.


As long as you eat, you must concentrate on it.


Use other things instead of eating, such as listening to music at work, standing up and watching while watching TV, drinking tea while surfing the Internet.


Change your food choices, don’t buy things you can grab, and eat fruits, vegetables, or low-energy foods.

  Myth 6: The interval between eating is too long – it will not be eaten until 7 or 8 o’clock after eating at noon.

  Excessive interval between meals leads to a decrease in body metabolism. It is easy to eat the next meal. In the afternoon, you should eat something, maintain blood sugar levels and high metabolic rate, and gradually eat the next meal.  Myth 7: Eat only a few diet foods.

  Restricting the types of foods can lead to a difficult balance of nutrition, often failing to persist, and leading to abandonment; it is recommended that we control only energy, and food types should be fully utilized.

  Myth 8: I think that juice drinks are healthy foods, as a drink that I often drink.

  The World Health Organization recommends that up to 20% of the daily rate is obtained from beverages. Although the juice is rich in vitamins, it lacks other nutrients such as cellulose contained in the fruit, which is high in energy and poor in satiety.

If you like to drink, you can drink juice at breakfast, try not to drink at other times, or eat fresh fruit.

  Misunderstanding 9: Drink less water – wait until you are thirsty to drink water, afraid to gain weight.

  The best drink is always plain water or mineral water.

Drink 1500-2000 ml per day, and increase if you exercise.

Light tea and sugar-free flower and fruit tea are also good choices. Sugar-free black coffee and black tea have almost no energy, which can excite nerves and increase energy consumption.

However, having coffee and strong tea on an empty stomach is irritating to the stomach, depending on the constitution.

  Misunderstanding 10: Lack of cellulose – often constipation, vegetables and fruits have no time to buy or eat.

  Cellulose is a must-have food that maintains a feeling of fullness, reduces body absorption of impurities, and prevents constipation.

Mainly found in complex carbohydrates such as coarse grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits.

Usually, the daily requirement for cellulose in adults is 40-50 grams. Many people can’t eat this number, so it is difficult to stick to weight loss, and soon they are hungry and often constipated.

In the diet, it is necessary to pay attention to increase the food supplemented with cellulose. It is not enough to eat, and it should be supplemented with fiber supplements.