These 8 kinds of diseases are all supported!

These 8 kinds of diseases are all “supported”!

8 kinds of “illness” that are supported.

Obesity is too full, excess body fat is stored in the body, causing people to gain weight; and gradually causes cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, mild liver and other complications.


Excessive labor into the digestive system will reduce the function of other organs, make people fatigue, and sleep. It will cause the brain to retreat and accelerate the acceleration of brain aging.


The direct harm of eating too much stomach is to increase the burden on the body, resulting in indigestion, people are prone to stomach acid, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, etc. can not re-break the gastric mucosa, causing gastric perforation, gastric ulcer and other diseases.


Kidney disease is too full, too much non-protein nitrogen should be discharged from the sage class, it will hurt the urinary system, increase the burden of high blood pressure, and cause high blood pressure disease.


Cancer Japanese scientists point out that excessive diet can reduce the ability to inhibit cell-cancerous factors and increase the risk of cancer.


Excessive intake of coronary heart disease can lead to increased blood sclerosing, which may cause arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease; it will increase blood viscosity and cause blood clots to cause heart disease death.


Acute hypertensive, high-protein, high-fat foods, if excessive alcohol consumption, can easily cause starch edema, which can cause acute pancreatitis.


Upper gastrointestinal bleeding Some people who have ulcers and chronic liver disease may have gastrointestinal bleeding if they are too full, and vomit brown food.

In the end, what is the “seven-point full” seven-point fullness is such a feeling: the stomach has not yet felt full, but the enthusiasm for food has declined, the rate of active eating is obviously slower, but habitually still wants moreEat, but if you withdraw the food, change the subject, you will soon forget to eat.

When the eight-point is full, the stomach feels full, but it is not painful to eat a few more mouths.

If the meal time is relatively fixed, this meal will be full of seven minutes, and the second meal will not be hungry before.

If you advance, it means that you have not eaten seven full meals, you can add a little more food.

Eat seven points and take five steps.

Drink soup 2 for 20 minutes before a meal.

When I was a little hungry, I started eating and fixed the meal time 3.

Eat and chew slowly, guarantee 20 minutes 4 .

Eat more cold salad and coarse grains 5 as appropriate.

Drink about 1500 ml of water every day. If you have more tips about health, check out the comments section below~~ If you want to know more about health and wellness, follow me!