Yuanda: the broader market shocked the technology rebound funds to focus on the main topic of the category

Yuanda: the broader market shocked the technology rebound funds to focus on the main topic of the category

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  Source: Yuanda’s three major stock indexes all opened higher and bottomed out. Then, the trend fluctuated during the session. The creation index drifted through and rose over 2%.

Looking at the market, medical waste treatment led the gains, with hotels and catering, UHV, food processing and cloud gaming sectors leading the gains; China Shipbuilding led the decline, with tire pressure monitoring, super size and super capacitors leading the declines.

On the whole, individual stocks fell more or less, market differentiation was obvious, and the effect of making money was average.

  The news was dull. The People’s Bank of China said on the 26th that on the basis of a special reloan of US $ 300 billion for epidemic prevention and control, a special reloan rediscount of 500 billion yuan has been added.

At the same time, the interest rate for supporting agriculture and small loans was reduced to zero.

25 perfect to 2.


The state continues to support the impact of the epidemic on small and micro enterprises.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduced a comprehensive assessment of the conditions and necessity of opening tourist attractions, and the opening of tourist attractions in high-risk areas is temporarily suspended.

Relevant aspects are expected to receive attention.

The National Development and Reform Commission stated that as of February 24, the daily production capacity of medical N95 masks in China reached 1.07 million, which was 4 on February 1.

7 times.

Demand is increasing and related opportunities are sustainable.

  The Shanghai Composite Index opened a major shock today.

Technically, the daily line K line station is on the 10-day moving average, the 5th line turns passivated, and there is a need for repair. The red column of the MACD indicator of the same level is shortened, and the KDJ indicator is down.

60 minutes, 30 minutes out of heavy volume Yin line, reduced volume Yang line, the same level KDJ, MACD indicator opening downward divergence.

After short-term repair demand, it is expected that the 都市夜网 index will continue to fluctuate this week.

  The broader market rebounded and technology rebounded. The main focus areas of the fund focus were the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets. The turnover shrank throughout the day. The transaction volume broke through trillions for seven consecutive days, and the false negative line was received for three consecutive days.

The short-term market enters the stage of rest. After the market stabilizes, the 5G concept is the general direction of future technology stocks. In the first year of 5G, chips and semiconductors may consider gradually reducing the position structure. In specific aspects, the state and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have recently increased their policy adjustment efforts.Energy, transportation and other traditional infrastructure projects, 5G 天津夜网 communication network construction, logistics system upgrade and reconstruction of “new infrastructure” projects have also become the focus of development this year.

Opportunities for individual stocks to make up for 5G-related issues in the technology branch can be considered low-absorptive grasp.

The market is in a short-term turbulence pattern, and the operation is slightly more difficult than before. Therefore, policy support, incremental capital intervention, market sentiment remains, and the foundation of technology stocks continues to rise after the consolidation. In the short term, we can focus on strong diversified participation opportunities.

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