August market closing: China Merchants Securities Liquor earns nearly 90% during the year

August market closing: China Merchants Securities Liquor earns nearly 90% during the year

Reporter Xiang Jing of China Fund News ended the stock market in August, and the list of all types of funds is fresh!

  Since the beginning of this year, the A-share market has experienced several twists and turns, but in view of the overall market shocks and rises, the effect of various types of funds making money is relatively obvious.

Data show that as of August 30, the Shanghai Composite Index increased by 15 during the year.

At 73%, the SZSE Component Index and GEM Index rose 29%.

36%, 28.


  In fact, the multi-factor alternation has also brought two rounds of significant market trends to the bond market, and some debt bases seized the opportunity to achieve a good excess return.

In particular, some convertible bond funds have adopted both stock and bond strengths, and their income has exceeded 20% during the year.

  For QDII, as of the press release, the latest net worth situation has not been fully updated.

However, overall, due to the increase in international oil prices during the year, QDII performance of oil and gas was at the bottom, and QDII funds such as technology and real estate performed better.

From the perspective of the tracking market, the performance of QDII funds investing in Hong Kong stocks is relatively lagging behind that of A-shares and US stocks.

  Active stock fund champions earn more than 70%. Wind information shows that Penghua Pension Industry has 72.

53% of the performance won the first month of this year’s annual active stock fund performance champion, Yinhua agricultural industry, the creation of Jinhexin consumption theme was 71.

29%, 70.

The 07% yield over the same period followed closely behind.

From the position information displayed in the second quarterly report, as of the middle of the year, Wuliangye has been included in the top ten heavy stocks of the above-mentioned funds. Guizhou Maotai and other stocks that have increased significantly this year have contributed a lot to the fund’s net worth.

  Overall, there were 35 active equity funds with a performance exceeding 50% and 9 with a performance exceeding 60%.

The average return of active stock funds is 28.

20%, the effect of making money in various funds is obvious.

  Table 1: The top 30 mixed fund performances of active equity funds in the first eight months of this year.

21% won the championship in the hybrid funds, Boshi healthcare industry in the year A nearly 80% to 78.

The yield of 21% steadily ranked first in the championship, with its outstanding leading second place Hui’an Fortress A 3.

4 averages.

The theme of the third rich country consumption, monthly income increased in the first year of this year.


The fourth to eighth place performances stood at 70% during the year, and their rankings were very tight.

  Table 2: The top 30 mixed fund performances in the first eight months of this year It is worth mentioning that in the top 30 mixed fund performances in the first eight months, Invesco Great Wall Liu Yanchun has 4 funds shortlisted, of which 3 are in the top tenAnd become the biggest winner.

In addition, Penghua Fund Wang Zonghe also has multiple products shortlisted.

  The data shows that the average return of hybrid funds reached 19.

72%, a good investment income for the holder.

  On the whole, active partial funds (including active stocks and hybrid funds) have average monthly earnings per share before this year.

54%, of which funds with positive returns accounted for 97%.

27%, performing well.

Among them, the funds with better performance had large positions in pharmaceuticals, consumption and agriculture, which had better growth in the year, so the effect of making money was outstanding.

  However, through the continuous growth of consumer stocks represented by liquor, some fund managers worry that it may face some pressure.

“From the data point of view, with the year’s high point ranking, a large number of large consumer stocks exceeded 20%.

“A Shanghai fund manager said.

  The annual internal rate of return of China Merchants Securities China Liquor is nearly 90%, ranking first among index funds. This year, the three major A-share stock indexes have increased overall. Liquor, securities and other sectors have also seen higher gains. Benefiting from this, the performance of many index funds is satisfactory.Among them, the two products with the highest gains replaced the funds that track the alcohol index. For example, China Merchants Liquor, which has the largest monthly increase in the previous month, has a return of 88.


The second place Penghua Zhongzheng Liquor also had a performance of over 80%.

  Funds ranked third to ten include exchange-rich CSI major consumer ETFs, Castrol CSI major consumer ETFs, and Cathay Food & Beverage funds.

From the perspective of investment targets, 厦门夜网 in order to track consumption, most food and beverage products.

  It is worth mentioning that, in the context of this year’s changes, index funds have been favored by the market, and their scale has increased significantly at the end of last year.

Tianxiang Investment Consulting data show that as of the end of June 2019, the latest size of index funds is 8099.

1.6 billion, a surge of 1961 over the end of 2018.

900 million, an increase of 32%.

  Table 3: In the first eight months of this year, the top 20 pure bond funds in the index fund performance before the highest futures month scored 9.

77% of the gains benefit from the volatile upward trend of the bond market. Most pure bond funds have achieved positive returns this year. The average return of pure bond funds in the whole market increased in the first eight months.


Among them, more than 200 debt-based companies have yielded more than 4% during the same period, and 86 products have exceeded 5%.

  Excluding the pure debt funds transformed during the year and the debt base of the net value change, in this year’s pure debt fund rankings, Jiangxin takes A as 9.

The yield of 77% ranked first.

Yield of runner-up CITIC Huifu and third-place pioneer Huiying A also both exceeded 8% during the same period, which were 8 respectively.

24% and 8.


In addition, debt-based performance of Penghua Fengrong, Huatai Baoxing Zunhe A, Huatai Baoxing Zunhe, and Western Profits Huixiang are relatively eye-catching, with yields exceeding 7%.

  Table 4: Earnings of the top 20 first-tier debt-based champions of pure bond fund performance in the first eight months of this year14.

46% Wind information shows that out of 160 mixed first-tier bonds with data that can be queried, 5 of them have a yield of more than 10% in the first eight months of this year. Among them, Nuoan’s optimized income ranked first, and the year’s performance was 14.

46%, Wanjia Tianli, Yifangda enhanced income A, Teda Manulife Juli and Yifangda Suifengtianli also had a yield of more than 10%.

  As a whole, the average monthly return of the Tier 1 debt base before this year’s budget increased by 3.

36%, slightly higher than pure bond funds.

  A chief person said that in addition to investment bonds, the primary debt base can also participate in the primary market to make new investments, which has also partially increased its earnings.

  Table 5: In the first August of this year, the top 20 debt-based performances of the top 20 debt-based yields exceeded 20%, and the highest reached 24.

In this year’s stock market recovery, 66%, the performance of the secondary debt base is also quite remarkable.

Data show that the average yield of the secondary debt base in the first eight months of this year increased by 4.

99%, the yield over the same period is higher than pure debt funds and first-grade debt base.

  Specifically, Huitianfu Convertible Bond A, Bo Shi Convertible Bond Enhancement A, China-Europe Convertible Bond A, Changsheng Convertible Bond A, Southern Greek Yuan Convertible Bond, Guangfa Juxin A and other annual yields exceeded 20%., The performance is comparable to the return of equity funds.

  Among them, Huitianfu Convertible Bond A was 24.

66% of the performance ranked first, Bo Shi convertible bonds enhanced A, China-Europe convertible bonds A were 24.

58%, 23.

70% is close behind.

  However, most of them are because of the diversification of the convertible bond market, there are also many secondary bonds with negative performance, with the largest one showing a range of nearly 4% at the same time.

  Table 6: Top 20 debt-based results for the first eight months of this year Editor: Amman