What if the interview is unconditionally rejected?

What if the interview is “unconditionally rejected”?

When that Sino-Korea joint venture started to advertise in major newspapers, my heart was agitated.
His girlfriend said that the company was so famous that it was like the old-fashioned face of Korean chess player Lee Chang Ho. It was not easy to get his smile.
  Before I set out, I still do n’t have enough confidence, because there are still many imperfections in comparison with the requirements of recruitment notices.
  However, the charm of famous companies and the temptation of office buildings still made me resolutely come to the interview site of that company.
A well-known company is a well-known enterprise, which is simply a “should-to-be-received”, and a few posts have ushered in a crowd of job seekers.
Someone was talking in the corridor: “The job success rate is only 2%.
“I can’t help but stagger.
  The interview lasted 4 days, and I was ranked on the 3rd day.
However, during the two days I waited, I was still with a group of job candidates waiting for the interview.
I stared at the dark red door of the personnel department, and stared at every person who came out.
Each of them looked dejected, about a job search failure.
I asked a few job applicants, some of them told me that they were rejected somehow, and some said they were “unconditionally rejected.”
  It was finally my turn, and my heart was disturbed, and I knocked on the door where the mystery was hidden, and I told myself that I was out of the way, maybe luck would care for me.
I sat on a pre-arranged stool opposite the personnel manager and Korean CEO.
The young HR manager asked me enthusiastically and meticulously, which made my heart warm.
He was surprised when he learned that my interest was literature and that more than a thousand works had been published.
As this topic deepened, the personnel manager had a great deal of favor with me and encouraged me to give some suggestions for the company.
The atmosphere was very relaxed and I thought I was winning.
The personnel manager turned his head and asked the Korean boss on the side if he could immediately decide to retain me.
Who knows, the Korean boss didn’t even think about it, so he said solemnly: Don’t!
The personnel manager waved to me politely, with a little regret in my eyes.
I couldn’t find the reason for the rejection, and I didn’t want to somehow lose the opportunity.
So politely asked the boss why I was deprecated.
The Korean CEO said: “I never refuse others without conditions!
“I was furious when I heard such a reply:” I applied for the name of Mu Gui Company, not for boring games.
Your unconditional refusal is a harm to the job applicant. Is it difficult to give reasons for your refusal?
After saying this, I was ready to leave, but unexpectedly saw the Korean boss stand up and smiled.
The Korean CEO said: “What we need are young people with perseverance and perseverance. If they are refused unconditionally and still not squeak, that is not the young talent we need.
I have said “NO” to 619 job seekers. Only you have ‘demonstrated’ to me, and only you have asked us why.
This is just my interview strategy, please forgive me!
Would you like to join our company?
“Beyond unconditional rejection, I finally successfully joined the coveted company and started a new chapter in my life.