Spring health must conform to nature, eat more leek and toon sprouts

Spring health must conform to nature, eat more leek and toon sprouts

When it comes to health care for the elderly, the elderly body is gradually aging. In terms of health care, we must pay attention to the different characteristics of the four seasons to arrange diet and living.

Specifically, in the spring, qi grows up in the spring, the yang qi rises, and the weather gradually warms. At this time, health care must conform to nature, relax the body and spirit, and relax the mood. It will happen if the nervousness or anger hurts the liver.

  People take food as the sky, and according to different seasons and their hobbies, arranging the diet well, health is more effective.

Although the current supply of off-season vegetables is abundant and everything is available, it is still better to eat less. Eat more seasonal vegetables, fruits and food, that is, to adapt to the four o’clock in terms of eating, try to “spring Yang Xia Yang, autumn winter Yang Yin”.

Take spring as an example. The elderly are deficient in yang, and their diet should be matched with things that can help them develop yang and help the body conform to nature.

Professor Chu Yuxia’s favorite food in spring is Sanchun tender leek and toon tender bud.

  Fried eggs with spring leek are tender and delicious. Professor Chu Yuxia loves to cook and eat, but leek zygote is her spring health “big meal”.

Wash the leek, drain, and cut into pieces; stir in the fried eggs, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil; then roll out the dough and wrap the leek and eggs with two thin layers of noodles, and squeeze tightly around;Put a layer of peanut oil in the pan. When the pan is hot, place the lettuce zygote in the pan and bake until the sides are golden.

Be careful with gentle flames to avoid burns.

Leek has a raw food taste of Wen Wen, which has the effect of dispersing blood stasis and qi, stopping bleeding and swelling; cooked food tastes sweet and warm, can nourish the kidney and benefit Yang, and warm under the warmth.

The chives in the chives zygote are also ripe in seven to eight, which has a relatively smooth blood and blood circulation, and has the function of nourishing the yang and strengthening the stomach.

Cold abdominal pain, indigestion, kidney yang deficiency waist and knee cold pain can eat more chives.

  Legend has it that the “Leek” of Chives was originally written as “Nine”, and then based on the cultivation of Chives and Longlong, it was written in a pictographic way.

In the theory of TCM elephant number, one, three, five, seven, and nine represent the number of yang, nine of which is the largest number of yang; the ancients believed that “nine dishes” had a strong effect of generating yang, so they wrote “nine”;The character “Leek” is nine paintings, which are both pictographic and coincident with the number of yang.

The elderly have insufficient yang, which is very suitable for eating chives.

  Toon scrambled eggs and cool toon sprouts are also favorite dishes of Professor Chu Yuxia in spring.

Toon tastes bitter, flat, non-toxic, strong aroma, has appetizing and refreshing, publishes rash, clears heat and dampness, and detoxifies and kills insects.

There are many infectious diseases in spring. Eating more toon can prevent infectious diseases, and folks have the expression “spring toon buds are not infected”.

Although Toon is good, it should be moderate. If you eat too much, you will eat pneumatic wind. People with sudden illness such as hypertension should not eat it.

  Toon sprouts contain vitamin E and sex hormone-like substances. It can nourish yin and tonify in spring and help the elderly to fight aging.

Professor Yuxia reminded that toon buds should be picked up and eaten around the 24th solar term Gu Yu (April 20th this year), after which the toon buds became toon leaves, with poor taste and reduced nutritional value.