Seasonal changes should avoid skin care misunderstandings


Seasonal changes should avoid skin care misunderstandings

When using skin care products, you must pay attention to taboos to avoid entering the skin care misunderstanding.

How to choose skin care products, how to avoid misunderstandings, let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

  Taboo one, whether it is skin care products or make-up, use it sparingly, and often put the leftovers back for use next time.

  Analysis: To ensure the cleanliness and beauty of beauty cosmetics, you need to be extra careful when doing beauty makeup.

Because spoiled or unclean cosmetics will not only restore the beautification of the face, but also may contaminate the skin, make the skin rough or produce pigmentation.

  The correct approach is: When using beauty cosmetics on weekdays, first make sure to avoid using unclean fingers to dig out the product in the bottle / box, so as to avoid bacterial infection of the unused part inside.

It is recommended to use a digging spoon or powder puff to take out the cosmetics required each time; if the removed cosmetics have not been used up, remember not to put them back in the bottle to avoid causing contamination.

After using the cosmetics, wipe off the stains left on the bottle mouth with a paper towel, and then tighten them.

  Taboo number two is dry skin, so you cannot use whitening products.

  Analysis: Dry skin has no direct relationship with the use of whitening products, but dry skin must be transferred and placed in the first place, with excessive moisture to ensure normal skin metabolism, otherwise the whitening ingredients will not be absorbed by the skin.

  A better approach is: it is best to add more whitening essence or night cream at night to allow the skin to fully absorb nutrients to gradually show the whitening effect.

  Taboo three, after washing your face, you will use a towel to dry the water on your face.

  Analysis: Rough towel rubbing on delicate skin will not only hurt and irritate the skin, make the skin long fine lines, but also hide bacteria!

  The correct way is: after washing the face, use a towel or tissue paper to press the water to dry, it is much lighter than the method of wiping and hurting the skin.

Especially when you have acne, you must replace the towel with tissue paper and absorb the water in a clogged way, so as not to cause bacterial infection.

  Taboo four, when applying eye cream, the habits are fast and hard, three or two times to complete.

  Analysis: Eye skin is the most fragile part of the skin. If you apply it hard or pull too much, it will cause more and more wrinkles.

  The correct way to apply eye cream is to gently apply the middle finger to the skin around the eyes.

Move slowly and lightly, gently bounce around the eyes and massage in a certain direction.

  Taboo five, every time you remove your makeup, always wipe the lipstick directly with a tissue before washing your face.

  Analysis: Wipe the lipstick directly with a paper towel, which will cause excessive irritation to the lips, transform the capillaries of the skin under the lips and cause damage. In the long run, it will change the lip color and even cause complications.

  The correct way is: special makeup remover is also needed for lip skin.

Take an appropriate amount of eye and lip makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently apply it to allow the lipstick to float off your lips, then wipe it off with a cotton pad or paper towel.

  Taboo six, used to wash your face directly with water in the morning, anyway, it was washed the night before.

  Analysis: After a whole night of metabolism, the skin is not as clean as you think. How can it be completely removed with just water?

If the dirt is not cleaned and makeup is applied later, it is easy to insert pores, resulting in blackheads, acne, etc.

  The correct way is: wash your face with a cleanser, and give the skin rich moisture while thoroughly cleansing, so that the skin is calm and comfortable, and the skin is refreshed and soft.

  Taboo seven, I feel the same with cleansing milk makeup remover, do not necessarily have to use a special makeup remover.

  Analysis: Is it enough to just use a regular cleanser?

Everyone knows that general cleansers often cannot achieve the purpose of complete makeup removal. At this time, you need a special makeup remover to help.

  The correct way is: removing makeup is the first step. After removing makeup, use cleansing milk to remove dirt, oil and residual cosmetics from the pores again to make the skin cleaner and fresher.

  Taboo eight, when facial massage, the longer the better.

  Analysis: The time of facial massage should be moderate, not too long or too short, it must be determined according to the skin quality, skin condition and age.

  The correct way is: Generally speaking, normal skin massage time is about 10 minutes.

The massage time for dry skin is generally 10-15 minutes.

Massage time for oily skin should be controlled within 10 minutes.

Allergic skin is best not massaged.