30-year-old woman yoga reshapes beauty shoulders

30-year-old woman yoga reshapes beauty shoulders

Yoga Tip: When doing push-up-like exercises, the weight of the body is almost on the shoulders, so this exercise is a very effective way to exercise shoulder muscles. It can alleviate various back pains, soothe, and eliminate tibial stiffness and tension.

  Action decomposition: body prone on the mat, hands straight, open forwards and backwards, chest forward, forward, lift back, relax back, legs close to the ground, exhale, hold for 30 seconds.

  Action breakdown: Tighten the tailbone, insert the thigh, sit on the floor, with the back straight, the soles of the two feet in contact, and bring your legs closer to the vertical ground.

With the heels facing each other, clamp the pelvis, squeeze your feet hard, and support your arms.

Hold for 2 minutes.

Exhale and slowly spread your feet apart.

  Action breakdown: the outside of the hips and arms, hands crossed at the front and back, and shoulders are hard.

Bend your legs upwards, put your left foot on your left arm, and keep breathing for 2 minutes.

  Action decomposition: first do an improved push-up, knees on the ground, palms and orientation in the same straight line, lift forward and upward, open, form a straight line from the head to the top, persist for 10 seconds, breathing should be balanced.

Repeat 3?
Five times, slowly becoming twice for 30 seconds.

  Action decomposition: sit on the pad, legs open 70 degrees, feet lifted, the body turned vertically to the limit of its own tolerance, the left hand touches the toes of the right foot, the right hand back and back horizontal.

Hold for 30 seconds, turn the direction, and change the other side.

  Action breakdown: straight body, feet close together, hands tilted forward.

Exhale, using the spine as a fulcrum until the back and the legs form a right angle.

Throughout the process, keep your eyes on your hands; breathe naturally for 30 seconds.

Return to the upright position and repeat the action 5 times.

  Decomposition of motion: Sit on the mat, relax your head back, straighten your legs, put your hands behind your back, and support your fingertips.

Raise the hips, lift the abdomen, chest, and wide joints upwards, and align the neck with the spine, so that the entire body is aligned from head to toe.

Hold for 10 seconds and breathe smoothly.

Repeat 3?
5 times, slowly reach 30 seconds each time.