Ten bad habits to acne


Ten bad habits to acne

The best way to prevent acne is to develop good living habits. The following ten vices are most likely to cause acne, and everyone should take it as a warning.

  1. If the sun is in constant contact with the sun, it will cause the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Multiple pores will accelerate inflammation, and a hat should be worn.

  2. Foods with heavy iodine content (such as laver) should avoid eating less during acne outbreaks.

  3. Disinfectants and bacteria in swimming pools can irritate the skin. Avoid swimming when you have acne.

  4. Drinking alcohol causes the blood to become weakly acidic, which indirectly causes acne problems. Drinking alcohol will speed up blood circulation and cause acne.

  5. Massage massage promotes blood circulation. Inflamed acne will gradually worsen, so it is better to do massage with acne all over!

  6, fried foods have a lot of oil, if they are involved in the secretion of fat or bacterial infection, they will grow acne!

  7, thick powder cosmetics will crush the pores to breathe, and the powder particles will be mixed with oil bacteria, making acne worse.

  8. Hair is easily stained with dirt and oil, covering the face will make the face oil.

  9. Sauna Sauna helps blood circulation and accelerates acne outbreaks.

  10. If the tape is inflamed and the acne is closed, it will worsen the situation. If the acne has been purulent, it will hurt the wound and leave scars when the adhesive tape is peeled off.

  Needle clearing acne Do not soften doctors and beauticians generally do not agree with patients to use needle clearing method to treat acne, because if it is not handled properly, it will damage the pores and leave permanent scars.

Needle clearing is not required for blackheads, rice wine, and initial acne. Unless the acne has matured, that is, a clear white pus is on the epidermis of the skin.

The needle must be set by hand when clearing the needle, and must be correct when lowering the needle. Do not soften your hands, otherwise there may be serious consequences.

  Needle clearing in detail 1. Before cleaning the needle, you must clean your face, widen your pores, and remove surface grease.

  2. The acne needle must be heated and sterilized in advance. The needle is placed in 100 ° C boiling water for about 5 minutes, and then taken out and sterilized with alcohol.

  3, acne affected areas should be printed with dry water.

  4. The acne needle is placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the acne affected area, and it is slightly stabbed in the affected area with pus!

  5. Wrap forefinger with both hands with a paper towel and squeeze lightly next to the acne mouth.

  6. After the pus is squeezed out, stop pressing it immediately.

  7. Dip a cotton swab with tea tree oil and other lotion containing germicidal ingredients and apply to the wound.

  8, and then apply anti-inflammatory acne medicine