Rotten fruit is not bad, but also poisoned?

Rotten fruit is not bad, but also poisoned?

After the fruit has rotted, just dig the rotten part and eat it?

In fact, this is not the right approach.

It has been determined that toxins can still be detected in normal pulp at a distance of 1 cm from the decayed portion.

  The actual test proves that as long as the fruit molds and rots, various microorganisms, especially various kinds of flour, will continue to accelerate in the decaying fruit and produce a large amount of toxic substances during the breeding process.

These toxic substances continue to penetrate from the decayed part, through the fruit juice to the non-decomposed part, and spread, resulting in the non-decomposed part is also a metabolite rich in microorganisms.

People eat flour toxins from rotten fruits, which may cause dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, bloating, etc. Severe convulsions, coma, and life-threatening.

Among them, the most toxic substance that poses a threat to human health is the toxin of Penicillium.

In addition to high blood pressure, respiratory, urinary and other systems caused by injury, there are other carcinogenic effects.

In addition, the nitrates contained in the fruit after it rots, and then become toxic nitrite.

  Therefore, in order to be healthy, to eat fruit, you should choose a bright skin, fresh meat, aroma, fresh fruit.

If there is a slight spot or a small amount of insects, use a knife to dig away the good fruit part of the rot and the surrounding area more than 1 cm; if the area of mold rot or worm reaches or exceeds 1/3 of the fruit, it should be discarded.In case, to prevent future troubles.