Essential combing class every day

Essential combing class every day

Most people think that combing hair is a woman’s business, and it is one of the irreplaceable daily dressing to maintain hairdressing. As everyone knows, combing hair frequently helps to maintain health.

  Both men and women, as well as elderly men with thin hair, get up early and comb their hair, which can effectively stimulate multiple meridian points on the head, which helps to relax Yang Qi and promote hair growth.

Modern medicine also proves that this practice can improve the blood circulation of the brain and give the scalp a moderate stimulation to promote blood circulation, which makes people refreshed.

  In spring and March, one or two hundred hairs are combed every time, and life is high.

-Jin-Jiang Kang’s “Health Theory” combed his hair in the spring morning to refresh his qi and breathe his blood. Jin Chaoji Kang combed his hair in the spring morning in his “Health Theory”. Is there any truth?

Spring is the season when Yang Qi rises and everything recovers. The Yang Qi in our body also begins to rise naturally.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic-Su Wenmai’s Subtle Theory” states: “The head, the house of savvy,” is not only rich in acupoints, but also an important part of the body’s meridian collection.

Therefore, in the early spring, when the natural yang and body yang begin to rise in the middle of the day, a proper comb will stimulate a number of meridian points on the head, so that the body yang will rise and relax, and qi and blood will circulate.Refreshing.
  Everyday the ancients combed their hair to help them sleep and prevent illness.

Guo Shangxian of the Song states in his book “Qing Yi Lu” that “combing hair and washing your feet for a long time, and Xiao Taiping when you are lying.” People who often suffer from insomnia may wish to try combing hair to help sleep.

  In addition to improving sleep, the ancients also found that combing hair has many advantages.

Combing hair not only helps to dispel the rheumatism of the head, promotes blood circulation in the head, nourishes hair, reduces white hair and prevents hair loss, but also has special effects on dizziness caused by hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Because combs are often used to stimulate Baihui points, the temples and Fengchi points have a hypotensive effect, the blood pressure is slow, and the dizziness will also decrease.

  The selection of combs is particular about choosing appropriate combs first. It is better to use horn combs and wooden combs that do not generate static electricity. Nylon and plastic combs are prone to static electricity. They have damage to hair and skin.Moderate, the ends of the teeth should not be too sharp, and the comb should be kept clean at all times.

  Before shampooing or in windy weather, when brushing loose hair, it is best to use a brush made of coarse animal hair, which will not hurt the hair, but can also press and massage the epidermis of the head.

  How to comb your hair the healthiest?

  It is necessary to comb all over the head, whether it is in the middle of the head or in both directions, it should be combed from the forehead to the hair root behind the neck.

  Start by combing loose hair ends, gently brush the hair ends against the scalp, and slowly rotate the comb folds.

Use even force. If you use too much force, it will hurt your scalp.

First comb backwards from the forehead hairline, in the opposite direction, and then comb back and forward along the hairline.

  Then, comb from the upper part of the left and right ears in opposite directions.

  Finally, let the hair spread around the head to comb.

When combing your hair, bend your body forward or backward at the same time to promote blood circulation, so the effect will be better.

Comb 5 at a time?
Six times, the whole hair is best combed about 100 times a day.

  Thinning hair can be treated with “finger comb”. With age, older friends who have thinning hair or even hair loss, can “comb their hair” with fingers instead of combs.

When “finger combing”, slowly comb the front hairline to the rear hairline and rub the scalp while combing.

The above methods are best performed with moderate intensity and speed, and it is better to comb until the scalp is slightly hot, at least a few hundred times each time, once in the morning and evening. Older people who have time can do it once before lunch break, but they must adhere to the method for a long time.With health effects.

  If your hair is dry, use more force when combing, but never let the comb teeth scratch the scalp.

  The hair is oily. The less force you have when combing, the better. If you apply too much force, it will stimulate sebum and increase secretion.

  Comb hair shrinking to remove dirt on the head. With the action of combing the hair, if you only comb with the comb and you cannot comb the dirt on the hair, and let the dirt transfer to the site, it does not leave your head.

So properly insert the comb teeth into the nylon stockings and comb the back of the comb more than ten times. You will find that the dirt is on the nylon silk. At that time, change another piece to clean and comb again. This will comb the dirt and protect the comb.Clean.
Some people have cotton between their teeth, not better than nylon stockings, because dirty cotton fibers are most likely to stay on the head.

  It is very important to clean the comb for the hair.

  Many scalp diseases are transmitted by combs. Because dirt stays on the comb for a long time, chemical changes will occur, so the comb must be washed frequently.

The way to wash the comb is to soak it in soapy water for ten minutes, then scrub it with an old toothbrush, rinse it with water, and then insert it in a tube or cup.

If it is found that the comb teeth are not straight, it is appropriate to change another one.

  Good habits require long-term adherence in order to see results.
Combing your hair is just a very simple action, but it can bring you big gains. You have to try it out!