Bai Lu pays attention to nourishing the lungs, drinking porridge, removing coldness and preventing dryness

Bai Lu pays attention to nourishing the lungs, drinking porridge, removing coldness and preventing dryness

Bailu, this is the 15th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms. The almanac records: “Douzhigui is Bailu, Yin is getting heavy, Ling is dew, hence the name Bailu.

“As the name suggests, Bailu means that the temperature is getting colder, and white dew can be seen on the vegetation at night.

  Bailu’s solar term is a symbol of cooler weather and the golden autumn harvest season.

At this time, the summer is over, the summer heat is fading, the sky is high, the air is clear, the clouds are light and the wind is light.

Although the weather has gradually cooled down, Chen Tairi, a health expert at the Qingyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that the weather is cold and warm after Bailu, especially morning and evening, a little cooler, which can easily cause colds or cause recurrence of old diseases.

Avoid nasal disease, surgical disease and bronchial disease at this time.

The focus of this solar regimen is to strengthen physical exercise, pay attention to mental health, maintain a happy mood, and communicate with friends to avoid depression.

  Spring cover and autumn freeze must have a degree of “Bai Lu’s autumn equinox night, cold night and night,” health experts said that Bai Lu actually indicates that the weather has become colder.

At this time, people will obviously feel that the hot summer has passed, and the cool autumn has arrived.

But in Qingyuan area, the weather is still hot at this time, many citizens will start air conditioning or take a cold shower at night, but experts recommend that when Bailu, do not show naked body, do not take a cold shower to avoid cold.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has a saying that “Bai Lu doesn’t show her body, and Han Lu doesn’t show her feet,” which means that once Bai Lu’s solar terms are over, she can’t go naked without clothes.

In addition, the cold and warm weather after Bailu, especially the penetration of morning and evening temperature differences, can easily induce colds or cause recurrence of old diseases.

If gluttony is cold at this time, the function of the spleen and stomach will become more abnormal and the spleen and stomach will be damaged, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be contraindicated.

  As the weather gets colder and colder, some people will experience symptoms such as cold hands and feet, fatigue, etc., which is implied by Chinese medicine as a manifestation of kidney deficiency.

Health experts remind that citizens who are too physically weak should add clothes in time to avoid getting sick.

In fact, spring cover autumn freeze is a classic health care tips.

Because the weather is getting cold, people’s pores must be closed to prevent them from getting cold. If you wear thick clothes too early, the pores will be opened due to heat, and the cold caused by sudden cooling will easily hurt people through the pores.

Therefore, health experts do not recommend adding clothing too soon.

  ”There must be a degree in spring cover and autumn freeze.

In the morning and evening, the temperature difference should be added in time. Otherwise, it is extremely easy to catch a cold, and patients with chronic diseases such as bronchitis, compression, peptic ulcer, etc., are also likely to induce or exacerbate the disease.

Chen Tairi’s thesis.

  Don’t show your navel while you sleep. “It’s cold and hot, I’ve caught a cold again, and now my resistance is getting worse and worse, so I want to take some Chinese medicine to adjust.

Allergic rhinitis has also recurred, and I always have to sneeze in the morning.

“In the hospital’s outpatient department of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, 41-year-old Ms. Huang was discovering her condition to the doctor.

  ”Every year in this season, there are many people with a cold like Ms. Huang. The main reason is that the temperature difference between the seasons is ignored, and you usually do not pay attention to improving your own resistance, so it is easy to get sick.

Chen Tairi reminded the public that when there is a cool breeze in the autumn and the temperature gradually decreases, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the head, especially infants and young children are best to wear hats to avoid identification caused by wind, fever and other physical discomfort.

  In addition, because the epidermis of the navel is the thinnest, there is no adult tissue under the skin, but there are abundant nerve endings and plexus, which are sensitive to external stimuli.

If the protection is not proper, sleeping at night will expose the abdomen or Aimei wears an umbilical outfit, and the cold can easily penetrate the human body through the navel.

If the chill hits the stomach, acute abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting will occur.

Therefore, this season is not suitable for wearing navel outfits, and the navel should be covered at night.

  Keep your feet warm.

Because there are 6 important meridians of the human body on the feet, and the feet are far away from the heart, the blood circulation is the worst.

Traditional health also attaches great importance to the concept of “warm legs without warming legs, warm legs without cold”.

Cold feet are the culprits of colds, bronchitis, indigestion, and insomnia.

  Health experts recommend that from Bailu, citizens should pay attention to nourishing kidney qi. At this time, you can stick to feet at night, soak in warm water, water should not be over the ankle, the time is 15 to 30 minutes, soak the body slightly fever, the bestRubbing the ears and waist at the same time as the feet, the kidneys open to the ears, and the ears have dense reflection areas, which are connected to every organ in the body, so rubbing the ears often is a good way to keep fit.

  The combination of movement and quietness is more effective and the autumn climate is pleasant. It is a good season to exercise during the year.

The health focus of Bailu Solar Energy is to strengthen physical exercise.

  According to the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”: “Autumn March, this is Rong Ping. The weather is anxious and the earth is bright.Lie up early and get up early with the chicken; make Zhi peaceful, so as to ease the punishment of autumn; condense the spirit, make Qi Qi flat; have nothing to do, make the lungs clear; this Qi should be the way of health.

“” Although autumn is more suitable for outdoor sports, Bailu’s choice of sports in the season should vary from person to person and with constant effort.

Chen Tairi suggested that the elderly can walk, jog, play Tai Chi, self-massage, etc .; young and middle-aged people can run, play ball, dance, climb mountains, swim, etc.

While performing the above sports exercises, the citizens can also cooperate with some “static exercises”, such as exhaling, closing their eyes and keeping their minds, so as to achieve dynamic and static harmony.

  In addition, citizens should pay attention to mental health.

Because the lungs correspond to the sorrows of the Five Minds, flowers and trees begin to wither in autumn, and people are prone to grief.

Therefore, after Bai Lu, keep a happy mood, such as communicating with friends, so as not to be depressed.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that laughter can announce lung energy, regulate human body functions, eliminate fatigue, and restore physical strength.

Chen Tairi said that laughing can make the lungs inhale a sufficient amount of clear air, exhale the turbid air, accelerate the blood vessels, and reconcile the qi and blood of the heart and lungs.

Changxiao is also a fitness exercise that can expand the pectoral muscles and increase lung capacity.

  Drinking porridge to dispel coolness and prevent dryness and white dew seasons, autumn dryness hurts people, and it is easy to consume fluids. Therefore, the phenomenon of dry oropharynx, dry stools and cracked skin often occurs.

Chinese medicine believes that this is due to the appearance of the lungs and large intestines, and the main skin of the lungs.

Therefore, from the perspective of diet, attention should be paid to nourishing yin.

Fall corresponds to the lungs, so pay attention to raising lungs during the white dew season.

  Because “the lungs are the main qi, and the breath is breathing, the Lord is proclaiming and surrendering.

“So Bai Lu can’t just tonic in the season.

Chen Tairi suggested that dietary adjustments should be based on vegetarian foods that are light, digestible, and supplemented with vitamins.

  In terms of diet, citizens are advised to eat more pears, white fungus, honey, lilies, wolfberries, radishes, soy products, etc., and eat orange-yellow vegetables, such as pumpkins and carrots.

In addition, it is necessary to eat some green leafy vegetables to supplement vitamin C, such as kale, spinach, green cauliflower and so on.

  ”The suitable supplements for Bailu season are lotus seed lily porridge, ginkgo chicken, yam, etc. These diets have the effects of clearing the lungs and moistening, relieving cough and asthma, nourishing qi and blood, and strengthening the spleen and kidney.

People with respiratory diseases such as high blood pressure, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and allergic rhinitis should try to eat less fish, crabs, shrimps, chives, cold food pickled dishes and excessive fatty foods.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that seafood is mostly the product of the cold, which is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. People with poor gastrointestinal function should eat less or not eat seafood, and eat more irritating foods such as pepper can affect the lungs, stool and skin.

  In the Bailu season, many people think that the hot summer has passed, and the autumn and winter season has come. Therefore, as soon as it arrives in the autumn, he began to apply a lot of supplements, but he ignored the susceptibility to supplements, such as allergic rhinitis that occurs frequently in autumn and trachea.Inflammation, high blood pressure, etc., so while tonic varies from person to person.

Especially for those diseases caused by physical allergies, we must be more careful in diet adjustment.

For those who are physically weak, at this time, it is best to replace food supplements with food supplements, and food supplements are the most popular.

  Health experts said that in the white dew season, drinking bowls of porridge in the morning can both cure the autumn cold and prevent autumn dryness.

Such as Tremella porridge, lotus rice porridge, sesame porridge, red date porridge, sweet potato porridge, corn porridge and so on.

Wei Xinjun said that for patients, drugs need to be diagnosed and diagnosed, and for healthy people, they can also be supplemented.