The psychological adjustment of the college entrance examination must be early

The psychological adjustment of the college entrance examination must be early

Recently, the Beijing Mental Health Association’s public welfare lecture on “Middle School Students’ Entrance Examination and Psychological Preparation Before the College Entrance Examination” attracted many middle school students and their parents to listen.

Psychologists remind candidates who are about to face the middle and high school entrance examinations: they must find bad psychological symptoms as soon as possible and correct them in time. The psychological problems caused by the examinations are too late to be resolved before the examinations.

  Dr. Xu Tianhong, from the Department of Clinical Psychology, Beijing Tongren Hospital, said that every three to four months, there are particularly many children who come for psychological counseling, especially the third and third year students.

These children’s fear of the test is not formed one day or two, and most of them occur in the first half or one year before the test. The more common manifestations are worry, depression, inferiority, irritability, and excessive tension.

Once similar performance is found, psychological treatment should be performed in a timely manner, usually after 3 to 5 months of treatment, to ensure that the child takes the test with a good attitude.

  Dr. Xu suggested that parents should encourage and care about their children’s performance to help them find psychological crux.

Students also need to strengthen their understanding of themselves, summarize their strengths and weaknesses, and build confidence in overcoming difficulties.

For problems that cannot be solved by yourself, please seek professional psychologists in time.